Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Apply Now

Exchange students can apply directly by following the step below.

Study Abroad students can also apply directly by following the steps below, or you can contact a representative in your home country for assistance lodging your application.


Step 1

Read the information in our Before Applying section and make sure that you have:

    1. Determined which program you will apply for. Study Abroad or Exchange?
    2. Checked your Eligibility
    3. Selected your subjects and had your study plans approved by an advisor at your home institution
    4. Assembled your supporting documentation and checked for any Faculty specific requirements and restrictions.


Step 2

Download instructions (1.6 MB pdf) on how to complete the online application and to begin your application. It will take about 45mins to complete the application.


After your application is submitted

Your application will be sent to a staff member at Melbourne Global Mobility, who will case manage your application from beginning-to-end. It usually takes two months from the time of application to visa issue. In some instances, depending on subject or faculty requirements, it may take longer. During this time your case manager will provide you with on-going feedback and advice on your application.

Please note that your application will only be processed after we receive scanned copies of your official transcripts and the Study Abroad and Exchange Nomination form from the study abroad or exchange coordinator at your home university or your agent representative.


Step 3

If you have received your seven digit application number and want to apply for University housing you can do so immediately, you do not need to wait to be accepted by the University. If you later change your mind about the housing or are not accepted by the University, you can simply decline the offer if you are offered a space in the University housing.