Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Exchange or Study Abroad Research

Researching at Melbourne as an exchange or study abroad student

A number of years ago, the ability to come as a research student from a partner institution as an exchange student, was implemented. It was, however, limited to the few eligible students nominated by their home institution with a relevant exchange agreement.

To broaden access to student researchers, streamline the process, and to take account of research student visitors to campus, the University of Melbourne has developed a process for students from non-exchange partner institutions to come as research students. Known as study abroad research, students with a University of Melbourne academic willing to act as a supervisor here can come and complete a period of non-award research and pay fees or have them waived by the hosting faculty.


Minimum Length of Stay

Students wanting to do research here in a non-award capacity must be coming for at least three months and up to a maximum of twelve months. With special permission, that can be extended to two years.

Visits Less Than Three Months

If you want to visit the University for less than three months to undertake research as part of your course, you may be able to apply for a visitor visa. Please contact the nearest Australian high commission or embassy to confirm that the visitor visa is appropriate for your visit. These shorter visits are not managed through Melbourne Global Mobility.



You must meet the following requirements:

  • be enrolled in degree at an overseas institution recognised by the University of Melbourne and the purpose of your application is to undertake research towards a degree at your home institution;
  • meet the English language requirements of the University or satisfy the University that your level of English is suitable for the purpose and to meet any safety requirements for your research;
  • have the agreement in writing from an academic at the University of Melbourne agreeing to act as your temporary supervisor while you are enrolled here undertaking your research;
  • be staying for at least three months and for no more than two years, with special permission;
  • as an exchange student, be from a current exchange partner institution and have the support of your home institution exchange office to do so; or
  • as a study abroad student, be able to start your research at Melbourne at one of four times during the year: 1 February, May, August or November (note that you can arrive within up to three weeks of the first of the month but you official start date will remain 1 February, May, August or November).

If these requirements can be met you can apply to come here as a research student.


How to apply

Get the instructions on how to complete the application form from your temporary supervisor and submit the application online as soon as possible.