Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Supporting Documentation

Instructions on how to complete the on-line application can be downloaded from the Apply Now section of this website.

To complete your application you will need:

  • Nomination Form

  • The Study Abroad and Exchange Nomination Form must be completed and sent by your Exchange Co-ordinator or for study abroad students, your Study Abroad Advisor, or agent/representative. You CANNOT send it yourself.

    The Nomination Form can be downloaded here (xlsx 109KB).

    The form should be completed and emailed with a copy of the nominated students' transcripts to:

    Email: studyabroad-exchange [at]

    No application can be assessed until we receive a completed Inbound Study Abroad and Exchange Nomination Form from your Exchange Co-ordinator or for study abroad students, your Study Abroad Advisor, or agent/representative. We cannot accept it from you directly.

  • Your academic transcript

    • The most recent version of your official transcript or a certified copy
    • An explanation of your grading system
    • A translation and the original transcript if the original language is not English
    • A list of any current subjects that are not yet included in your transcript
    • Evidence of prior study (this is required for some 2nd and 3rd year University of Melbourne subjects). Students wishing to continue studies in engineering, science and psychology should supply syllabi of completed courses. If you do not meet subject prerequisites, an alternative will be suggested.

    Please ensure the transcript is also attached to your online application. The transcript must also be emailed with the above Institutional Nomination Form to:

    Email: studyabroad-exchange [at]

  • A copy of your Passport

  • Please supply a certified copy of the details page of your passport. Please ensure your passport is valid for six (6) months after you plan to leave Australia at the end of your study here.

  • Your Study Plan

  • You are required to submit a Study Plan with your online application. The form can be downloaded here and completed in advance; save the completed form in the xls format, do not scan or save as a pdf document. When completing the online application, upload the study plan into the form before submitting the application.

  • Faculty specific requirements & restrictions

  • Some areas of study require further information to support your application.
    Check the Faculty specific requirements & restrictions to find out whether you need further documentation.


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