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The University of Melbourne offers study abroad and exchange students a range of accommodation options to suit different personalities, budgets and lifestyles. The University of Melbourne provides a service dedicated to assisting students with their housing questions, so you can be confident of help along the way.

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Things to consider

Important things to consider when choosing your housing include:

  • The length of your stay, as many housing options are suited to tenancy periods of six months or more;
  • Your personal budget and the cost of living in Melbourne;
  • Lifestyle preferences - communal or independent living;
  • Location - particularly suburbs which are accessible to campus by public transport (see ‘Suburb Guide’);
  • Tenancy rights - Tenancy agreements are legally binding documents. Understanding your tenancy rights and duties will help you manage your housing and communicate with your landlord with more confidence.
  • Check with your home institution to see if there are any accommodation requirements, as occasionally your home institution may have preference for where you stay.

More things to consider

Application dates

Housing Type Applications open Applications close
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
Residential Colleges 10 October 10 March 10 December 10 May
Student Apartments (RMIT Village, Urbanest, Yarra House, Unilodges) Late September Late April When allocation has been reached
Shared Housing (Semester in Australia) Anytime When allocation has been reached
Private housing There are no deadlines for private housing: Students are encouraged to arrive several weeks before orientation to allow enough time to find suitable accommodation.

Accommodation options

Find out which accommodation option best suits your lifestyle and budget preference by clicking on the options available to Study Abroad and Exchange students:

Find out which accommodation option best suits your lifestyle and budget preference by clicking on the options available to Study Abroad and Exchange students:




Student feedback

Semester in Australia
Nathalie Schürch, Switzerland

Semester in Australia

Why did you choose Semester in Australia?

Everything was organised before I came, that was important to me and there seemed to be a good mix of being independent (no curfews, able to receive visitors) and not having to take care of everything (internet, bills for water and electricity etc.), the costs were transparent.

What did you enjoy the most at Semester in Australia?

The location is perfect, within walking distance from the CBD, public transport and university, but still on a quiet street.I also enjoy cooking and it was nice to have a big kitchen. The time with my flat mates was great. I was sharing a room with another girl and that was perfect for me. There is also the possibility to have a single room and get more private space.

What type of students would be suited for Semester in Australia?

Students that like when things are organized, but that have a certain degree of independence, since there are not as many activities as at a college and one has to shop for food etc.

Nathalie Schürch

RMIT Village
Jonathan Settembri, Canada

RMIT Village

Why did you choose RMIT Village?

I chose RMIT Village because it seemed to offer everything I was looking for. I actively participated in a residence community at my home university, and I was looking for something with a similar community while on my year abroad. I later discovered that RMIT Village offers a residential life program with a team of resident assistants, that help bring the student community together with their own O-Week and other village events. It's a perfect location within the city, and practically just next door to campus. RMIT Village has a relaxed atmosphere that allowing freedom and independence.

What did you enjoy the most at RMIT Village?

RMIT Village has an excellent residential life program that allowed me to integrate myself in an atmosphere with diverse group of students, from all over Australia and around the world. There is something for everyone here, since every person living at the village comes from a complete different background. I loved how I had the option to have my own personal space, quiet space, relaxed place, or fun place! There is a great sense of community and everyone looks out for each other. You don't need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to meet new people.

What type of students do you think would be suited for RMIT Village?

This accommodation is suited for practically anyone, regardless of background or personality. If you are outgoing and love to go out, then this is place for you. If you are driven and love to study, then this also a place for you. Some people come here to be social, some people come here for simple convenience, but in the end, RMIT Village helps every student here go through new experiences and develop as a person. Living away from home for the first time, or living in another country for the first time, is a challenging experience. RMIT Village not only helps you through the challenging experience, but also helps make this experience a great one.

Jonathan Settembri

Urbanest Carlton
Cosmin Bardan, USA

Urbanest Carlton

Why did you choose Urbanest Carlton?

I chose this accommodation because of the great location considering that I am a commerce student and most of my classes are one minute away from Urbanest. A second reason it was that I have everything included and I do not have to worry about paying utilities.

What did you enjoy the most at Urbanest Carlton?

The staff is really welcoming every day and they make you feel like you are a part of a close community. The rooftop is an amazing place to hang out and make barbecues. Also I am a passionate player of FIFA so the lounge with the Xbox is another nice spot to relax with friends after finishing homework.

What type of students do you think would be suited for Urbanest Carlton?

I believe this type accommodation has the abilities to suit well most of the students because they organized multiple events for more outgoing people and in the same time they give you the privacy you need. I am a very sociable person and I felt like Urbanest offers enough opportunities in order to meet people and make friends, but also I know people that like it here very much without hanging out in the common rooms or going to the activities.

Cosmin Bardan

Yarra House
Louis Bearn, UK

Yarra House

Why did you choose Yarra House?

I chose Yarra House primarily because of the rent and the quality of the residential life that was on offer. Yarra is great because it proved to be considerably cheaper than other places located nearby to Melbourne CBD. My time has given me the opportunity to experience life in another part of the city, as opposed to being just on campus at Melbourne University. There are plenty of things to do in this part of town, with easily accessible travel routes to and from the city.

What did you enjoy the most at Yarra House?

I have mostly enjoyed the activities that have been on offer during the length of this first semester. Upon arrival, I felt immediately comfortable in my new home, the management were extremely helpful, and I seemed to establish myself easily into a routine. During O-Week there were a variety of activities going on in order for people to meet with one another, and for new arrivals to settle into residential life. I think it is important to recognise the diversity of residents who live at Yarra. Not all of us are students and I think this is a benefit, because you meet different types of people who can all contribute something unique.

What type of students do you think would be suited forYarra House?

If you live at Yarra House, you must be willing to take initiative and organise yourself appropriately. For instance, living some way away from where you work or study can be stressful for people at times and so I would encourage prospective residents to make time to know the travel connections to the city from Fairfield. That in mind, the NMIT campus is extremely accessible with Train and Bus links to Melbourne CBD, which depart relatively frequently. I would say there is not particular type of person who is really best suited to Yarra House. However, just be yourself and remain approachable. With the RA’s (Residential Assistants), there is little opportunity to despair or to feel homesick. The sense of community is great, and there is something for everyone at Yarra House.

Louis Bearn


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