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Melbourne University, Parkville campus

Study at Melbourne

Studying at the University of Melbourne provides students with a rich academic and social experience on a wonderful campus in the midst of a city with a great lifestyle.

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is Australia's second-largest city. It is vibrant, culturally diverse and characterised by its friendly people and atmosphere.

The University of Melbourne is five minutes from the centre of Melbourne, a leafy campus with cafés, shops and spectacular architecture. With great public transportation, you'll feel right at home anywhere in the city.

Why choose Melbourne?

What's the difference?

You may be very familiar with University life and successful in your home study environment, but there will be many academic differences that you will notice when studying in another country — even if you aren't adjusting to a new language! Read a little about the academic culture in Australia.

We also use terminology that you may not be familiar with, some words will sound the same, but have a different meaning.

Some examples of this are:

  • Course: The degree or program a student is studying — for example, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, etc. Courses vary in length from six months to seven years.
  • Department: A teaching unit within a faculty.
  • Faculty or School: An organisational structure within the University which coordinates the work of the departments where the teaching and research take place.
  • Handbook: Available on-line, this is the complete list of all courses and subjects offered by the University (you may know it as a 'catalog').
  • Points or weight: The proportion of full-time study a subject is expected to take up. Full-time study is 50 points per semester, two semesters per year - usually four subjects a semester. A standard subject is 12.5 points, though some subjects may have higher weight and associated extra class hours and assessment.
  • Semester: The University's standard teaching period. There are two semesters per year. View semester dates
  • Program: Academic program of study, consisting usually of four subjects for study abroad and exchange students.
  • Subject: A unit within a course or program. If you are enrolling in Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Money and Banking, or Organic Chemistry, for example, you are enrolling in a subject that forms part of a course.
  • Student Centres: Each student is assigned to a student centre which provides a 'one-stop shop' for administrative information and advice on issues such as subject selection/changes, student cards, assignment submission, timetabling, teaching materials, referral to other services and so on.

What can I study?

There are a variety of subjects you can study at the University of Melbourne. A comprehensive overview of all discipline areas can be viewed on the Your Studies section of our website.

What next?

If you think that you would like to study with us and want to submit an application, you will find instructions on how to do this in the Before Applying section of our website.