Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Subject Assessments for Overseas Study

When seeking subjects overseas assessed for credit to your University of Melbourne degree, you need to be clear if you would like credit towards breadth, your minor, your major, your electives or your diploma, where that is relevant. This will change who you approach to look at or, for students instructed to use the new Study Planner, who you nominate to approve at the subjects. Follow these guidelines:

  • Bachelor degree students requesting credit for breadth should go to the Program Director of their bachelor degree, that is, their home faculty (see below);
  • Bachelor degree students seeking general, non-specific, elective credit which does not lead into a major or minor specialisation should go to the Program Director of that bachelor degree (see below);
  • Bachelor students seeking credit to their major(s) or minor should go to the discipline advisor(s) for that/those major(s) or minor (see below); and
  • All other students discipline advisor(s) for that/those major(s) or minor (see below).

If you are not sure...

If you are not sure about the structure of your course and where subjects may fit into it, please consult with the Course Planning staff at Stop 1 before submitting your study plan or emailing discipline advisors or program directors. To make an appointment to speak to the Course Planning staff go to your my.unimelb and click on Book an Adviser then choose Course Planning from the following drop down options.

The New Study Planner

Students who have been directed to use the new Study Planner to complete their application to study overseas (students applying for exchange in semester 1, 2018, study abroad in semester 2, 2017 and some short term Engineering programs over the winter break and all subsequent applications), should NOT email discipline advisors nor program directors seeking approval for subjects. That process is managed through the new Study Planner.

Program Directors

Department Name Email
Bachelor of Agriculture Ms Ros Gall rosgall [at]
Bachelor of Arts A/Prof. Parshia Lee-Stecum artsexchange-breadth [at]
Bachelor of Biomedicine Prof. David Williams biomedicine-breadth [at]
Bachelor of Commerce Prof. Paul Jensen fbe-aso [at]
Bachelor of Design A/Prof. Alan March environments-design [at]
Bachelor of Environments A/Prof. Andrew Hutson environments-design [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation) Mr Andrew O'Keefe okeefea [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) A/Prof Jenny Kinder [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television) Mr Andrew O'Keefe okeefea [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre) Ms Margot Fenley mfenley [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) Mr Leon Salom leon.salom [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Screenwriting) Mr Andrew O'Keefe okeefea [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice) Mr Matthew Delbridge matthew.delbridge [at]
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) Ms Kate Daw kdaw [at]
Bachelor of Music A/Prof. Melanie Plesch music-breadth [at]
Bachelor of Oral Health A/Prof. Julie Satur juliegs [at]
Bachelor of Science A/Prof. Michelle Livett science-saexapprovals [at]

Faculty and Graduate School Discipline Advisors

Each area of the University has discipline advisors available to assist students seeking advice on subjects that are appropriate to study overseas for credit to their University of Melbourne degree/diploma.

Faculty/College/School Advisor Telephone/Fax Email
Arts Faculty of Arts advisors
Biomedicine See Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences below.
Business & Economics Faculty of Business and Economics
Melbourne School of Design Melbourne School of Design advisors
Education Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Engineering Melbourne School of Engineering advisors
Environments Environments majors advisors
Law Melbourne Law School
Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences advisors
Science (including the Office of Environmental Programs) Faculty of Science advisors
VCA and MCM Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM) advisors
Veterinary Science Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences advisors