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Application Status Categories


Status categories for applications are:

  • Pending: this is the default status of the exchange application software.

  • Approved by Melbourne: your Melbourne Global Mobility exchange application has been approved by Stop 1. You should receive an email from the Stop 1 confirming your approval, but are yet to be nominated to a host institution.

  • ...(conditional): any status with this suffix will be because Stop 1 approved the application to proceed but subject to a condition(s) which will be spelt out in the approval email. This suffix will remain until such time as Melbourne Global Mobility has evidence that the condition(s) has been met.

  • Nominated: An email with details about how to complete the application form for your host institution has been sent to you for action. In the email you are asked to acknowledge receipt of the email. If you read this status, after checking your in-box and junk mail box, and you have not received it, please contact Melbourne Global Mobility immediately.

  • Awaiting Application Return: When you acknowledge receipt of your nomination email, you status is updated to this while we wait for you to submit your completed host institution application (along with requested copies and supporting documentation) to Melbourne Global Mobility as instructed.

  • Awaiting Response from Student: you have been sent correspondence about your proposed exchange plans by Melbourne Global Mobility and we are waiting for you to reply.

  • Host Application Received: the completed host application form has been submitted as instructed, Melbourne Global Mobility will contact the host institution with all the relevant details to confirm the nomination.

  • Awaiting Response Host Institution: the completed host institution application form and accompanying documents have been received by the host institution with the formal nomination for the exchange from the University of Melbourne and we are awaiting a response. This could take from six weeks to three months.

  • Awaiting Confirmation from Host Institution: an unofficial acceptance has been received from the host institution about the acceptability of your application and we are now awaiting official acceptance. We will notify you immediately confirmation has been received.

  • Accepted Host Institution: you have been accepted by the host institution to which you were nominated, the official documentation has been received by Melbourne Global Mobility, and a University of Melbourne acceptance letter has been issued.

  • Committed: once you have been accepted by the host institution, the application system will send you an automatic email and you can log in and commit to the exchange in the application system.

  • Unsuccessful: an application was not approved by the Stop 1 to go on exchange in the current round. Students can apply again in a later round.

  • Cancelled: Melbourne Global Mobility has withdrawn support for your participation in the exchange program.

  • Withdrawn: a student has voluntarily withdrawn from the exchange program.

  • Deferred: students have postponed their participation in the exchange program until the following round.

  • Reserved: the exchange agreement for Medical students to the University of Oslo has a limited number of places and more applicants than can be accommodated. To maximise those places a small reserve list of students is maintained should someone withdraw from a confimed place at a suitable time in the semester to allow a replacement to be nominated.


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