Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne


Where will I live while on exchange?

Once you have been accepted as one of their students, institutions that have signed an exchange agreement with the University of Melbourne are obliged to make every effort to help you find accommodation. This accommodation may range from traditional colleges to city apartments, to homestays with local families. Detailed information about accommodation will typically be included in a host instiution acceptance package.

Some overseas institutions, particularly those based in large cities, experience accommodation shortages and find it difficult to place all their overseas students before arrival. If this happens, you will be notified before your departure and advised as to what to do and whom to contact once you arrive.



Visit your chosen partner institution's website and the Melbourne Global Mobility Resource Room, to identify available on-campus housing options. Applications for on-campus accommodation are typically made through either:

  • an application form provided as part of the application process to the host institution
  • via their website


Many students will take up accommodation off-campus. Most partner institutions will have housing offices that will assist with this. In addition, Melbourne Global Mobility may be able to put you in contact with students who can provide advice about where to stay and where not to stay!

Please also make use of the helpful links and addresses page on this website. A number of overseas study centres provide advice about securing accommodation in their countries.



A number of different partner institutions offer overseas students the chance to board with a local family, either during the orientation/induction stage of their exchange, or for a full semester. To find out whether your chosen host institution has any homestay options, please visit their website or the Melbourne Global Mobility Resource Room.