Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne


Booking your flight

Our usual advice to students is that if you feel you need to purchase a flight then you should try to get a ticket that will allow you change your departure date without a financial penalty in case you might need to before you leave. Ideally, however, you should not purchase your flight until you have received an official acceptance letter from your host university.

We understand that flights fill up fast but it is out of our control when we will receive your acceptance letter from your host university.

It is worth 'shopping around' for the best deal on airline tickets and by making reservations early you can usually secure cheaper tickets. You can never be absolutely certain, however, of a place at a particular partner institution until you have received notification of your acceptance; some institutions leave this quite late.

Melbourne Global Mobility cannot advise you on suitable airlines and ticket availability.


Have you thought about the environmental impact of travelling overseas?
You can offset the carbon emissions from flying by subscribing to organisations such as Greenfleet.