Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne


We request from the partner institution that a transcript, which lists the results for the subjects you completed overseas, be sent to Melbourne Global Mobility after you have completed your exchange.

How to get your transcript

Many partner institutions send the transcript to MGM automatically at the end of the exchange. Sometimes it can be at the end of their academic year, if they are different. Most will send them at the end of the semester. Some partner institutions, however, expect you to order the transcript yourself, before you leave your exchange.

If you receive the transcript directly from the host institution, please bring it into Melbourne Global Mobility.

and then....

A scan of your transcript will be loaded into your file on the student system and your faculty(s) will be notified when it is there for them to begin the process of transferring the appropriate credit points to your record. Only credit for subjects that have been approved by the relevant staff at the University of Melbourne and passed (a total 37.5 or 50 points for a semester) will have the credit transferred to your University of Melbourne degree. Any subjects you fail will mean less credit is transferred.

Note: There is usually NO transfer of marks from your studies done on exchange (the exception is for study done on exchange for credit to an Honours year). Speak to your student centre if you are concerned about the implications for future entry into Honours or to the relevant graduate school student centre for an application for future graduate study.

Keep it for the future

If the transcript is sent to us directly, you will be notified when the transcript arrives here and you will be asked to come to collect it. Remember to retain the transcript for future reference, further study and scholarship applications or job interviews. Together with your University of Melbourne transcript, it forms part of your tertiary education record.

If it is your final semester...

If you are doing the final semester of your degree on exchange and you plan to graduate after you have returned, there may be delays with receiving your transcript from the partner institution. This can mean that your graduation will be later in the year than you had anticipated. Information about how to organise your graduation can be found under Graduations on the Student Information System website. Similarly, if you are applying for further study at graduate or honours level, delays with transcripts arriving from your host institution may cause problems with these plans.