Inbound students Study Abroad and Exchange at the University of Melbourne

Subject changes

Once you arrive at your host institution, it often becomes necessary to seek new subject approvals. The reasons are usually because:

  • there is a timetabling clash
  • the pre-approved subject is no longer running
  • a different subject looks more interesting
  • the chosen subject is not available to exchange students
  • the credit point value of the pre-approved subjects do not total the required credit load.

If you wish to take subjects for credit towards your University of Melbourne degree that do not appear on your Melbourne Global Mobility study plan you MUST get these subjects approved by your faculty and, in some cases, your department at the University of Melbourne. Note that if you are taking subjects in addition to those which total the appropriate credit load at your host institution, then you may not need to seek faculty approvals. For an explanation of credit load equivalents, please consult the credit equivalents table on the brochure page for your host institution.

To seek faculty approval for new subjects:

  1. collect as much information about the new subject as possible, including contact hours, methods of assessment, a description of the topics covered and, importantly, credit point value;
  2. email or fax this subject information to the discipline advisor from the department that teaches subject at Melbourne and ask for approval to do the relevant subject(s), when you write to the advisor, if there are time restrictions, such as you must finalise all your subject changes by a certain time, please explain that clearly to the advisor; and
  3. if approved, ask that copies of new subject approvals be sent also to Melbourne Global Mobility (and the Faculty advisor in your faculty where you are seeking credit for that subject, if the approval is not from that person), so that it can be noted on your file.

Note: If you write to the Faculty advisor in the department from which you want approval for subjects and you do not receive a reply in a week, or an appropriate time given the circumstances, you should send a polite email reminder such as:

Dear XXX,
I was wondering if you have had a chance to consider my email below yet?  I am sorry to press you about this, it is just that classes have started here
[or another appropriate explanation] and if you consider the subject(s) below inappropriate, I don't have long [where possible you should insert specific dates] to choose another subject, get approval from you and change my enrolment. I have attached again for your information the subject description [and any other appropriate information] for the new [or modified] subject that I would like to do.

I am feeling a little anxious about getting the approval(s) in time. If you could get back to me as soon as possible, hopefully today, with a copy to Melbourne Global Mobility <> and the Faculty advisor <insert relevant email address> that would be a great help.

Many thanks ...

If this fails to elicit a response from the Faculty advisor within a few days please contact Melbourne Global Mobility and we will try to assist. You should not ignore the situation.

Please also be aware that failure on your part to be organised and ask for subject approvals in a timely fashion does not mean the Faculty advisors must respond to your demands instantly at the expense of their other work.


Changing your enrolment at Melbourne

Sometimes after your exchange term has begun at the host institution you need to change your enrolment at Melbourne, perhaps you want to

  • reduce the number of subjects you are doing from the equivalent of 50 points at Melbourne to 37.5 points (see the credit load equivalents table in the brochure page for your host institution); or
  • change the way points are distributed between your, for example, Science major and Arts breadth points.

If that is the case, you must do so by the end of your third week of the semester at your host institution or by the relevant census date for exchange subjects, which ever comes first.

Relevant Census Dates for Exchange Subjects

Semester 1 - 31 March
Semester 2 - 15 October

In order to do this, write to Stop 1 as soon as possible and ask for the change to be made.

Go to and follow these steps:

    1. under "Current Students" select "Submit an enquiry";
    2. label your enquiry clearly and include your student ID under "Enquiry Title"; and
    3. under "Topic" select "Course Planning" and then click the box again to select "Exchange/Study Abroad - outgoing".

Keep the email as evidence that you sent the request in a timely manner. Ask that the change be confirmed when it has been made.