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Postgraduate Generic Exchange Subjects

Note: The "Maths, Statistics, Computing, Other Health (except Physiotherapy)" cluster has been subdivided into 3 sets of generic subject codes. This is to better represent the 3 unique disciplines of i) Maths & Statistics, ii) Computing, and iii) Other Health (except Physiotherapy) for DEEWR reporting purposes. Faculty users should choose the subject code that best represents one of these disciplines when enrolling a student into this cluster.



Postgraduate subjects

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Humanites, Arts, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts Behavioural Science Accounting, Commerce, Administration, Economics
Built Environment Other Information Technology Physiotherapy
Other Engineering and Related Technologies Other Natural and Physical Sciences Optical Science
Other Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies Law Law - JD
Dental Studies Medical Studies Veterinary Studies
Other Education Nursing Other Creative Arts
Mathematical Sciences Other Health