StudentOne SA-RES Visiting Graduate Research Subject Codes

These subjects are for students coming to the University of Melbourne for up to a year as non-award to do research not through an exchange agreement but through study abroad. The students may be charged fees for this experience or the hosting faculty may opt to waive them. Students must be in the course SA-RES before these subjects can be added to their study plans.

Faculty/Graduate School Org Cd Subject Title 25 pts Cd
(3 mths)
12.5 pts Cd
(6 wks)
Fee Band FOE Cd
Architecture, Building and Planning/School of Design 702 Visiting Graduate Research - ABP VGRS90314 VGRS90614 1 040199
Arts/Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences 100 Visiting Graduate Research - Arts VGRS90301 VGRS90601 1 099999
Business and Economics 300 Visiting Graduate Research - Bus & Eco VGRS90304 VGRS90604 1 089999
Education  460 Visiting Graduate Research - Education VGRS90306 VGRS90606 1 079999
Engineering 400 Visiting Graduate Research - Engineering VGRS90305 VGRS90605 2 039999
Fine Arts and Music 741 Visiting Graduate Research-VCA & MCM 1 VGRS90316 VGRS90616 109999
Visiting Graduate Research-VCA & MCM 2 VGRS90317 VGRS90617 2⁴
Law 732 Visiting Graduate Research - Law VGRS90315 VGRS90615 2 090900
MDHS - Population and Global Health  505 Visiting Graduate Research - Pop&Global VGRS90307 VGRS90607 2 061300
MDHS - Medical School 510 Visiting Graduate Research - Medicine VGRS90308 VGRS90608 2 060100
MDHS - Dental School 511 Visiting Graduate Research - Dentistry VGRS90309 VGRS90609 2 060700
MDHS - Psychological Sciences 512 Visiting Graduate Research - Psych Sci VGRS90310 VGRS90610 2 090700
MDHS - Biomedical Science 530 Visiting Graduate Research - Biomed Sci VGRS90311 VGRS90611 2 010999
MDHS - Health Sciences 570 Visiting Graduate Research - Health Sci VGRS90 VGRS90 069999
Visiting Graduate Research - Health Sci VGRS90312 VGRS90612
Science/Graduate School of Science 603 Visiting Graduate Research - Science VGRS90313 VGRS90613 2 019999
Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences  251 Visiting Graduate Research - Ag Sci VGRS90302 VGRS90602 2 059999
Visiting Graduate Research - Vet Sci VGRS90303 VGRS90603 2 061100

¹ Nursing and Social Work
² Health Sciences except Nursing and Social Work.
³ Visual & Performing Arts: except Film & Television, and Opera Performance
⁴ Film & Television, and Opera Performance



These subjects will only be available for:

  • 1 February
  • 1 May
  • 1 August
  • 1 November

Students cannot commence their research outside of these times. A few days later, will be fine but a student wanting to start on 15 March, for example, would not be allowed. That student would need to arrive earlier or wait until 1 May.


Census Dates

The census date for these subjects will be the first day of the second month for the three month subjects. For the six week subjects it will be the end of the second week, or more correctly 14 days after the start of the availability (i.e. the 15th day overall).

Last withdrawal date when a "WD" appears on the transcript (after this date students cannot withdraw and automatically "fail" the subject) is the Friday closest to 65% of the way through the period of the subject. In these cases it is approximately the second day of the third month for the three month subjects and three weeks and six days for the six week subjects.