StudentOne Generic Exchange subjects

These subjects are intended for students studying overseas at an exchange partner and paying tuition fees to the University of Melbourne. These subjects may be used for undergraduate and graduate students.

Students who will be travelling overseas on study abroad and paying fees to the institution where they will be studying should be enrolled in subjects from this link: StudentOne Generic Study Abroad Subjects. Students who are not travelling overseas but are studying a subject taught online by an overseas institution should be enrolled in subjects from this link: StudentOne Generic International Online Study Subjects.

Select a cluster name from the table below:

Note: due to Government reporting requirements a student cannot be enrolled in a subject more than once in the same discipline, and study period with the same load. For example it is not possible to enrol a student in EXCH00004 Arts for 25 points twice for exchange in a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Languages in one semester. If you encounter a situation where you think you need to do this, please contact MGM and ask for assistance. New codes can be requested.

Arts Behavioural Science Management and Commerce
Built Environment Information Technology Physiotherapy
Engineering Science (except Optometry) Optometry
Agriculture and Environmental Law Dentistry
Medical Studies Veterinary Studies Education
Nursing Other Creative Arts Maths and Statistics
Other Health    


Census Dates

The census and associated dates for semester two EXCH, STDY and IOLS subjects have been changed to reflect better the later starting dates of the academic year at many of the host institutions overseas, particularly in the northern hemisphere.  From 2012 the dates set for semester two subjects have been changed to the following:

  • Teaching Census = 15/10/YY
  • Last Enrolment = 15/10/YY
  • Last Withdrawal = 15/11/YY
  • Last Withdraw Date via eStudent = 15/11/YY

Note that this is not perfect as some institutions in Japan and Germany, in particular, do not start classes until mid-October, which means we will still need to be mindful that students might have to change subjects etc after this new census date.  It was felt, however, that the dates could not be later.

There has been no change to the census and associated dates for semester one subjects.  The existing dates were felt to allow a similar time line to the new semester two dates because of the second half of the academic year overseas starting often two months earlier than here.  As a reminder the dates are:

  • Teaching Census = 31/3/YY
  • Last Enrolment = 31/3/YY
  • Last Withdrawal = 10/5/YY
  • Last Withdraw Date via eStudent = 10/5/YY

Again Japan and Germany are out of step with the rest of the northern hemisphere as their teaching in that half of the year does not commence until mid-April usually.

Non-semester census dates
Outside of the semesters, some of these subjects also have the availabilities with census dates of:

  • summer - 13 January
  • winter - 7 July

If you require other availibilites, contact Stuart Hibberd.