Short Term Mobility Programming Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed by the University of Melbourne in consultation with faculties and key stakeholders. In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the number of UoM students taking short term mobility programs and significant interest from faculties in establishing their own short programs. Additionally, with the launch of government schemes such as the New Colombo Plan, the University is encouraging faculties to further develop their short term overseas study offerings to access funding under these arrangements.

  • Download The Complete Toolkit Here.
  • Choose Relevant Programming Checklist
      1. Checklist for UMOS (115KB pdf)
      2. Checklist for Independent Study Abroad (113KB pdf)
      3. Checklist for Not for Credit Programs (126KB pdf)
  • Budgeting Tool. This includes a budget template: assistance on calculating the costs of a proposed program, ensuring that all potential costs have been considered and working out when a program is financially viable. Download Spreadsheet (19KB xslx) Note - Will not open in another window, you must download and save to desktop
  • Download Sample Student Agreement Here.
  • Submitting Student Details. Faculties awarded government grants are required to provide a list of students in order to receive relevant funding.This step is to be completed by contacting
  • Pre-Departure Presentation Guide provides information on the topics that should be discuss with students in a University of Melbourne Overseas Subject (UMOS) pre-departure. Pre-Departure Presentation (1.75MB pptx) Note - Will not open in another window, you must download and save to desktop
  • Last updated 8 October 2015